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Ayesa secures major Polish high-speed rail contract

Engineering services and technology company Ayesa has secured a contract for the supervision of the design and construction of a high-speed railway line in Poland.

Design work is already well advanced for the HSR line between Warsaw and Łódź. Image: CPK

The project is part of the Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) initiative, one of Europe’s largest transport infrastructure initiatives, encompassing the construction of a state-of-the-art airport near Warsaw, along with a nationwide high-speed rail and controlled-access highway network.

Set to launch in 2027, the CPK system is projected to accommodate 45 million passengers initially, with a long-term capacity exceeding 100 million people.

Ayesa’s role includes the design and supervision of a 17km-long section of the high-speed rail line, connecting Łódź to Wrocław and linking both to the newly-constructed airport.

Utilising advanced technology

An illustration of the concept design of Poland's proposed CPK interchange hub An illustration of the concept design of Poland’s proposed CPK interchange hub. Image: Centralny Port Komunikacyjny

The high-speed rail line, designed for top speeds of 250km/h, is expected to significantly reduce travel times and contribute to a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions.

Artur Majczak, country manager of Ayesa Poland, said, “Our teams will use advanced BIM (building information modelling) in the design phase to create a digital catalogue of vital physical and functional elements.

“We will employ the most up-to-date technology during the construction phase, which will help us adhere to the project’s strict environmental regulations.”

Luis Sanchez Carreto, director of transportation, EMEA & ASIA, said, “This is a significant project for the future of the region, helping to bring efficient rail services and infrastructure to less connected areas in Europe.”