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Electric Blue Cafe Reopens in Tolland Days After Being Shut Down Amid Prostitution Investigation

Days after being shut down as part of a prostitution investigation, the Electric Blue Cafe in Tolland has reopened.

The strip club posted it was open for business on its Facebook page Monday afternoon.

State police and federal agents searched the club at 62 Merrow Road last Thursday.

According to the notice to the town, the state police and the Tolland resident state trooper have been conducting an ongoing criminal investigation related to the strip club.

The resident trooper notified the town that investigators believe that prostitution and sexual activity have occurred on the premises for several year, up until present time, according to the official notice to the town manager’s office.

“We are a completely law-abiding business,” said Katrina Kulakova, director of operations for the Electric Blue Cafe.

Kulakova said Monday the club is being investigated for prostitution and human trafficking. She said investigators took computers, billing paperwork, and paychecks from the property on Thursday.

“I’m disgusted by these allegations. I’m from Ukraine. I’m disgusted by the allegations of human trafficking. I’m disgusted considering what is going on in Europe,” Kulakova said.

She denied the allegations and said all dancers go through a verification process and sign a contract prohibiting them from performing any sexual activity.

After being notified of the investigation, Tolland suspended the club’s license to operate for 30 days.

The strip club filed an appeal and the suspension is put on hold as a result. Foley said the town assumed an appeal would be filed and officials are considering their options.

According to Foley, Electric Blue Cafe’s license is stayed until a hearing is held in front of the town council.

The Town Manager’s Office received the appeal on Monday.