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EU slams Poland, Hungary for ban on agricultural imports from Ukraine

The import ban by Hungary and Poland on the supplies of grain and other agricultural products from Ukraine has not been accepted by the European Commission, reported TASS news agency. The statement by the European Commission comes after the Poland government’s decision to prohibit grain and other food imports from Ukraine for a short period. The decision to ban would be sought to soothe the rising anger of Polish farmers, who said that they have been losing huge amounts of money to a glut of Ukrainian grain on the market. The statement has been released by the press service of the European Commission on Sunday. 

“We are aware of Poland and Hungary’s announcements regarding the ban on imports of grain and other agricultural products from Ukraine. In this context, it is important to underline that trade policy is of EU exclusive competence and, therefore, unilateral actions are not acceptable,” read the press release. 

Poland and Hungary’s temporary import ban on Ukraine 

The embargo placed by the two countries has been imposed on the imports of Ukrainian agricultural products until June 30. Both countries have justified that they have been forced to take a measure against Ukraine due to the  European Commission’s failure to respond to their demands for European assistance to Hungarian and Polish farmers, reported TASS. The farmers of both countries have dealt with major losses because of the overstocking of these countries’ markets with agricultural products from Ukraine. Meanwhile, Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine Nikolay Solsky said that the Ukrainian government has been expecting to solve the issue of the transit of agricultural products in negotiations with representatives of Poland on Monday. 

Notably, the ruling party minister, Jaroslaw Kaczyński confirmed that the countryside has been facing a “moment of crisis,” and that while Poland supports Ukraine, it was forced to act to protect its farmers. The statement was made by the minister while he was attending the party convention in eastern Poland. “Today, the government has decided on a regulation that prohibits the importation of grain, but also dozens of other types of food, to Poland,” said Kaczyński. Until June 30, the government has announced the Import ban on Ukraine which would include,  a prohibition on imports of sugar, eggs, meat, milk and other dairy products and fruits and vegetables, reported AP.