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Golf Betting Explained: 5 of the Best Golf Betting Strategies

Golf betting is more complex than other types of sports betting. There are many types of bets involved and many factors that influence the outcome of wagers. Should you not know where -or how- to begin, you can check out these 5 strategies that’ll help you get started after you claim $300 no deposit bonus codes offered by top sportsbooks.

1. Go For Whoever’s Hot at the Moment

Betting for the “hot” golfer is the most popular and safest way to place wagers in golfing events. Winning and hot streaks are to be taken into consideration in every type of sporting event, but for sports like golf and tennis, where the player is alone and does not have a team, the psychological side takes an even bigger role.

If you’re unsure of who to bet for and you want to dive straight into the action but you barely know the rules of golf, then place a wager on the golfer in the best form. The odds will be lower, but the bet is safer. It’s a good tradeoff and a fantastic way to get to know the market before you place more complex and riskier bets.

2. Research to No End

Just like it happens with other sports, doing your due diligence before you place your wagers is as important as budget management. Take into consideration even the most minuscule of aspects, such as personal issues within the life of each player, as well as important aspects like the current state of form in other recent events.

3. Strokes Gained – A Statistics-Based Way of Betting

Strokes Gained” is a formula introduced by Mark Broadie, a Cambridge University professor, in 2011. The formula aimed to improve old-school stat-tracking methods by taking into consideration multiple factors like how golfers perform in certain holes when facing a certain distance to the hole, against certain hazards, and more.

Use Strokes Gained data to formulate winning bets in live golf betting. This is a tip for the most proficient gamblers as it could be difficult to keep up at first, but it could lead you to place the right bet more often than not.

4. Focus On Golfers’ Strengths

This is another tip that’ll prove useful for the live betting aficionado. Since every hole in a course is different, take into account the strengths of a golfer before you place a bet. Have you ever heard of the term “horse for courses”? It refers to how good a player is based on his strengths and weaknesses against the layout of the course in which they will be playing.

A golfer that isn’t winning consistently but is about to go on a course where his strengths are easily exploitable could be one to look out for, as the odds will be higher than the average for him to win.

5. Follow Line Movements and Bet Accordingly

Following the line movement must go hand-in-hand with doing your due diligence. Favorites will always be bet on, but if you’ve detected a good opportunity to bet on an unusual candidate, then pay attention to line movements on favorites.

If many people bet on the stars, other candidates will be given better odds by the sportsbook to make them more attractive options to bet on. If your researched favorite receives higher odds, place your bet before it drops!

Other Useful Gold Betting Tips

We’ve already given you a good layout of how your golf betting experience could look, and we’ve given you the strategies used by long-time veterans of the gold betting scene. It’s now up to you to master them and become an expert in every area!

Here are some extra pieces of advice that’ll help you out if you ever feel lost or unsure of what to do:

  • Pay attention to the weather before placing a wager. Some golfers are much better performers against adverse weather conditions, while favorites may become underdogs in high-wing events. Pay attention to this and change your betting strategy accordingly.
  • Don’t be blinded by your love for a golfer. It’s easy to think that a golfer that isn’t a favorite could win an event if they are your favorite. Don’t be blinded by passion and make decisions based on your research. Sometimes your candidate may be your favorite golfer, but make sure that you have the research to back up your bet.
  • Forget about hero betting – it rarely works. Going for the underdog in golf is not the smartest move. It’s far more likely that the underdog wins a game of football than for a less experienced or non-favorite golfer to win a golf tournament.

Pick a Safe Site to Bet on Golf and Try Your Luck

Now that you know the basics of golf betting, you’re all but ready to get started on your journey toward glory. Make sure that you visit safe online sportsbooks and place your bets from home, or go to your local sports betting house to try your luck on a land-based location.

Regardless of how you choose to play, do it safely and consider the aforementioned aspects so you’re not entirely dependent on luck!

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