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HIKMICRO’s CONDOR Launch Sets New Standard in Europe’s Thermal Technology

London, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – December 7, 2023) – HIKMICRO has expanded its thermal imaging portfolio by introducing the CONDOR series, a new line of LRF thermal monocular. The series enhances visual capabilities in various settings and makes thermal technology more accessible.

This launch reflects HIKMICRO’s commitment to the “EXPLORER” spirit, emphasizing new business ventures, innovative hunting experiences, and the exploration of cutting-edge technologies. The release of the CONDOR series is a significant step in this journey, embodying the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of thermal imaging and opening new horizons for users in diverse fields.

HIKMICRO reported sales of 399 million USD and a 26.1% year-on-year growth in 2022, positioning the company as a notable entity in the thermal technology field with the 3rd highest global shipments. The launch of the CONDOR series will take the brand to the next level, targeting European and global markets.

To broaden the application of thermal imaging, the CONDOR series is a versatile tool for various uses, from wildlife observation to enhancing security measures. “The release of the CONDOR series marks a significant addition to our product offerings,” a HIKMICRO brand manager commented. “We believe in the potential of thermal technology to provide enhanced visual experiences in various settings.”

The series is noted for its high image quality and user-centric design, aiming to serve the practical needs of professionals in the field and enthusiasts in recreational pursuits.

Discussing the product quality, the brand manager noted, “The CONDOR series is built with attention to detail, offering clarity and ease of use that we expect will be well received in the industry.”

The CONDOR series, a flagship offering from HIKMICRO, is engineered with a high-sensitivity thermal detector (NETD

Additionally, the CONDOR series incorporates HIKMICRO’s bespoke image algorithm, Image Pro, which optimizes digital imagery to an unprecedented level. This results in high-quality rendering of target objects and their surroundings, ensuring users receive a comprehensive visual experience. The Zoom Pro technology complements this, which maintains ultra-clear image quality with exceptional detail, even at higher zoom levels.

Moreover, the design of the CONDOR series emphasizes usability and comfort. Its ergonomic design, featuring soft, skin-friendly materials and a unique grasping shape, ensures a comfortable and intuitive user experience for both left-handed and right-handed individuals. The robust magnesium alloy housing of the CONDOR series guarantees long-term reliability and durability, even under heavy use in harsh environments. The CONDOR series also includes a magnetic lens cover for silent and efficient operation, further protecting the device’s optics.

With the introduction of the CONDOR series, especially into the European market, HIKMICRO aims to strengthen its presence in the thermal imaging market. The series is designed for intuitive use, requiring no specialized training for operation, which HIKMICRO anticipates will be an appealing factor for potential users.

For more information on the CONDOR series and to explore HIKMICRO’s thermal imaging products, visit its website at www.hikmicrotech.com.


HIKMICRO treats thermal imaging technology as its core, with visible light imaging and ultrasonic technology as additional areas, providing products and solutions to the world. HIKMICRO’s products are widely used in the outdoor, industrial, security, and safety industries and consumer electronics, among others, serving customers in over 100 countries and regions.

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