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Studio 21 partners with Relax Gaming to become its latest Powered By Relax partner

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Understanding the Meaning of Gambling 

Gambling is a widespread, socially acceptable and legal activity in most cultures around the world. It can be a game of wagers on something of high value (usually money) or on the arrival of an event, the outcome of which is unpredictable and determined by chance. Different types of gambling are usually available: 

  • National Lottery; 
  • Scratch cards;
  • Internet gambling;
  • Casino games;
  • Sports betting, bingo, 
  • Slot machines and private betting.  

Gambling pathology is seen as a long-term, repeated and often increasing compulsion to gamble, which is detrimental to a person’s social life.

Wrong Signs of Gamblers’ Thinking About Gambling

It’s often a distorted understanding of the process that leads to addiction. They do not understand the risks and expect to win all the time.

 Prerequisites to addiction: 

  • The particular importance of money to the player;
  • A desire to be ahead of the competitors by all means;
  • The constant excitement of gambling;
  • An increased need for social recognition;
  • Tendency to be extra eager at work;
  • Frequent occurrence of stress-related psychosomatic illnesses.

Who Suffers More Frequently from Gambling Addiction

Pathological gambling addiction develops usually in early adolescence in males (later in females). Gambling addiction is now more common amongst men, but is increasing amongst the members of the opposite sex. Women usually start gambling at an older age than men, but they develop gambling problems more quickly. 

The Pathological Gambling Study

A study of the prevalence of pathological gambling addiction found that the lifetime and prevalence in the year preceding the study were 1.6% and 1.14% respectively among adults (5, 77 and 3.88% among teenagers respectively). It is important to note that the prevalence of pathological gambling addiction in patients with psychiatric disorders ranged from 6% to 12%.

Young people are more easily (compared to adults) involved in gambling and are more likely to have related problems. While it is illegal to gamble before the age of 18, studies have shown that nearly three quarters of teenagers have violated this requirement.

Signs of Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction is often referred to as a hidden addiction. As the symptoms are difficult to detect. Very often the player himself does not notice any changes. In this case, close relatives should be maximally cautious. Symptoms of Addiction: 

  • The gambler’s only thoughts are of the game. He constantly analyses previous games and thinks about upcoming movies;
  • Severe mental agitation while playing;
  • Attempts to stop the game session end in failure;
  • Struggling to get money back after losing ;
  • Cessation of play causes anger and anxiety. 

Which type of Person is Prone to Gambling Addiction?

 Gambling addiction is a complex phenomenon in which many different factors come into play, but those of most importance are the following. 

Self-esteem issues 

Of particular importance is a disturbance in one’s own self-esteem, which is accompanied by a feeling of emptiness around one’s self. Initial gains reinforce a sense of self-esteem, an awareness of one’s own importance and confirm a certain degree of exceptionalism. Often, a “big score”, an easy and quick win, is the starting point for withdrawing into one’s own fantasy world. 

Interpersonal disturbances 

With the “insecure-avoidant” attachment type, children are, for example, unsure whether the person to whom they are attached is available to them. These symptoms often appear in children who have been frequently rejected. Children with this attachment type are much more susceptible to all sorts of mental disorders than children with a “confident” attachment type. 

Impaired regulation of one’s own arousal state 

The inability to regulate one’s own inner tension and arousal manifests itself, for example, in a gambler’s special and persistent anxiety. The initial motivation may be to win or succeed, to overcome boredom and monotony, or to overcome negative feelings, e.g. after a divorce or break-up. Gradually the player becomes trapped in a vicious cycle that victimises all areas of the personality. 

The player falls into a state of joyful excitement while playing and tries to find excuses and logical explanations for his uncontrolled gambling. Gradually he drifts further and further into his own fantasy world of greatness and success. The individual is alienated from his usual social circle and becomes more and more lonely.

Preventing addiction

It’s a good idea to think ahead about how susceptible you are to addiction. But even if you do realise that you can definitely avoid it. It is worth carefully reading and using the tips below:

  • Have a hobby. Don’t leave gambling as your only recreational activity;
  • Study all aspects of the game thoroughly;
  • Manage your bankroll correctly. Do not gamble with money you need to live, which leads to the fact that if you lose you will try to win them back. Such cases usually end badly;
  • Keep an eye on your fortune. If you have a good life you should just watch your changes. If life is going in complete chaos refuse at the time of gambling until things will not be fine;
  • Socialise with people. This will help to abstract and prevent unnecessary waste from loneliness;
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle.

Online Casinos For Relax

If you are well aware that the above factors are not about you. You have not found a single factor that could lead you to addiction and try to follow preventive measures. You should think about choosing a platform. 

Fairgo casino is a well-known platform in Australia, which was launched in 2017.  year. It was created by Deckmedia NV, which took care to acquire an official Curacao license. The operators always take thoughtful care of their visitors, implementing the latest features and striving to create an ideal gaming experience. They use the latest ssl encryption to ensure the security of personal data and transaction information. 

If you recognise that you are experiencing symptoms of addiction, the platform offers a Responsible Gaming feature. It will put a time limit on your stay, increase your thinking sessions, and offer professional help. 

Players from Australia have access to a great collection of games that include video poker, table games, jackpots, slot machines , hot games. The slots allow you to choose the number of reels you want to play. 

The fairgocasino bonus program offers generous offers. The most popular bonus is the welcome package. Immediately after registration a player can get 100 percent up to 200 Australian dollars . But to do so, a minimum deposit of A$20 must be met. 

Here you will be able to take advantage of a unique loyalty program. It offers exclusive vip bonuses, a dedicated agent who will be in touch with you at all times, increased cashback as well as content points. This is the currency that is used within the platform . For every 1,000 points you earn AUD$10.

Players who prefer to play anytime, anywhere can use the mobile version of fair go, which is available for all devices with android or ios software. 

Go to the official website and start playing and winning.