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Teya launches for SMEs in Europe

Formerly known as SaltPay, UK-based business solution provider for SMEs, Teya, has recently announced its launch in Europe. 

The company aims to help SMEs across the continent thrive, regardless of their size or their country of origin. Teya is designing a unified solution for payments, business management, and growth, looking to deliver simplicity and connectivity to SMEs regarding the software they use to power their business.

A full string of solutions

The company also focuses on simplifying payments for customers, providing easy-to-use payment solutions through high-quality POS terminal hardware, next-day settlements, third-party integrations, payment links, and merchant portals. The services are available on fair and transparent terms, with simplified pricing, without forcing clients into long-term contracts. 

Teya’s business management tools represent an integrated part of their end-to-end solution, which also includes a digital loyalty platform, an advanced ePOS system, booking management, online visibility tools, a website builder, as well as merchant account features. The business model allows customers a simplified payment process, from a single supplier, instead of using multiple third parties with different contracts.

About Teya

Designed to bring a one-stop solution to European businesses of all sizes, Teya combines payment acceptance and business management tools in one ecosystem that includes, among others, ePOS services, merchant account services, and other SaaS (software-as-a-service) solutions.

Headquartered in London, the UK, the company has offices in 15 countries across the EMEA region, counting for over 300,000 merchants using its services on a global scale. It also accepts all major payment methods, including Apple Pay, GPay (Google Pay), Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx.