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The Daily Wire Fantasy Series ‘Pendragon Cycle’ Reveals Lead Actor, Filming Underway In Europe

EXCLUSIVE: The Daily Wire has cast its lead in fantasy series The Pendragon Cycle, which is underway in Europe.

Newcomer Tom Sharp has been cast as the lead in the right-wing media company’s biggest-canvas film or TV project to date.

The seven-episode drama is a reimagining of the myth of King Arthur, set at the end of Roman Britain when pagan tribes warred with Saxon and Pict invaders, and with each other. Sharp will play Merlin, the son of an Atlantean princess and the bard, Taliesen, who pursues his father’s vision of a ‘Kingdom of Summer’ — a Briton unified in peace. To achieve this dream, Merlin will have to overcome ancient evils and navigate both the fall of the Roman occupation and the rise of Christianity in search of a king who can unite the Island of the Mighty.

The drama is being directed by Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing who is stepping away from his duties at the media company to steer the project. The team is not seeking a SAG-AFTRA interim agreement.

The Daily Wire says the “worldwide” search for Sharp took months. They describe him as “a blue collar kid from a working class community who did not have any representation at the time, and submitted a self-taped audition through the UK-based Spotlight casting service.”

The actor was championed by casting directors David Guglielmo (Run Hide Fight) and Jeremy Zimmermann (Tar) and he went through additional rounds of reads and interviews before signing with entertainment attorney Jared Bloch who worked through his deal. According to producers, Sharp then flew to Budapest, Hungary, to begin fitness training, rehearsals, horseback riding lessons, and a stunt boot camp to prepare for the role.

The Brit previously had a minor role in 2017 Gerard Depardieu comedy Nobody’s Perfect! and acted in shorts including a 2017 film called Lancelot.

The DailyWire+/Bonfire Legend series is inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead’s book series, The Pendragon Cycle. Production is currently underway in Hungary and Italy with a planned release on DailyWire+ in 2024.

Pendragon is the most ambitious project we’ve ever taken on, and we are thrilled to have a true talent in Tom Sharp as our lead,” said director and producer Boreing. “His depth as an actor makes him the perfect choice to bring the legendary hero to life. Merlin is one of the most iconic characters of all time, and I have no doubt this will prove to be a breakout role for Tom.”