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Tishomingo Youth Explorers host Indian taco fundraiser ahead of trip to Europe

TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KXII) – Sarah Warden with the Tishomingo Youth Explorers says they’re making Indian tacos to raise money to take local students on their trip to Italy, Turkey and Greece.

“Working in the school system I see a lot of kids that just strive and have that desire for travel, so we’re really glad to bring this into our school systems,” Warden said.

Warden says the trip will provide a once and a lifetime opportunity for students to learn about other cultures.

“Being able to adapt, because the language barrier is going to be a huge milestone for a couple of us for sure, and just going with the flow and learning what the world has to offer in different cultures.,” Warden stated.

She says 16 local students will make the trip while they relax on a cruise in the Greek islands and visit the Vatican in Rome.

“We have a student from Madill, Ada, and fourteen from Tishomingo, so we have a very large group that is ready to go and broaden the horizons of the children that want to travel,” Warden added.

Tishomingo students Christian Hendrix and John Bryar says they’re excited to experience new cultures abroad.

“I’ve only been to Oklahoma and Texas, and just around there, so it will be completely different so I’m excited to learn about that,” Hendrix said.

“I think it will just be another place for me to visit and learn new things,” Bryar stated.

Warden says they’re even planning a second trip to Europe in 2026, and you can join the exploration.

“Its going to be Switzerland, Germany and Austria, so just follow the Facebook page and when we do open enrollment you’ll see our post,” Warden said.