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Traveling to Europe Soon? These 7 Apps Might Come in Handy — Modern Mississauga Media

Nicknamed the ultimate transport app, CityMapper is an essential app to pack if you’re looking for the best places to walk, cycle, drive, take a tram, take a bus or subway, and more.

The app contains highly detailed maps of cities, highlighting transit routes, station locations, and notable points of interest and tourist attractions. There is also a plethora of accessibility information, helping Canadian tourists with mobility needs to navigate the city safely.

You can search for bike routes and nearby stations, opening up a novel way of exploring Europe at any stage. Maps can be downloaded for offline use, allowing you to keep track of your whereabouts even without the internet.

Best of all, you can receive live updates from the app on the condition of transport routes and learn of delays, disruptions of service, or changes to timetables. This can help you avert disaster if something changes unexpectedly ahead of your trip.

7. GetYourGuide

The final app you need for your trip to Europe is GetYourGuide. As the name suggests, it helps you find unforgettable experiences by showing you everything from guided tours, nearby museums, and culture hotspots to outdoor activities, sporting facilities, and more.

You’ll never be bored with this app. You can review traveler ratings and reviews to get a sense of a place before visiting it. And when the time is right, you can instantly book tickets in-app, too.

What sets this app ahead of others is that local guides will organize many activities and have incredible insight into different parts of a city’s culture and history. This can give you a unique experience like none other.