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U.S Rep. French Hill provides update on his trip to Ukraine

Last month, U.S Rep. French Hill of Arkansas’ Second Congressional District visited Ukraine. In an interview with Arkansas PBS, Hill said he wanted to get a better understanding of what was happening with the war and find out how military aid was being used.

“As I evaluate President Biden’s request for additional aid for Ukraine, this visit in country will inform me as to the most effective use of further funding for Ukraine as they continue their defense of their nation against Russian aggression,” Hill said in a press release.

There are members of Hill’s party, the Republicans, who are reluctant to provide more aid. Hill said those members are reluctant to support more aid because they believe Europe needs to provide more aid.

“Europe has contributed a lot more money to the Ukraine effort than the Ameicans have. I think that’s not well known in our country. I think many American taxpayers think the U.S is footing the bill for everything in Ukraine,” he said.

Hill said he believes there is bipartisan support for providing more aid to Ukraine.

President Joe Biden is wanting to package aid for Ukraine, along with aid for Israel.