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Which Live Casino Games Are Popular in Different Countries?

In recent years, the question has become more and more relevant – is there a worthy alternative to traditional land-based gambling clubs? As time has shown, these are games with dealers in online livecasinos. As soon as they appeared, they immediately attracted the attention of users on almost all continents. Popularity grew exponentially. To date, an indicator of a good virtual casino is the presence in its portfolio of games with real croupiers. Thanks to this innovative format, the gaming industry has reached a new level in recent years. Experienced users of virtual casinos, as well as players of the new generation, increasingly prefer those portals that offer live tables. These games fill every moment of the game with unforgettable emotions. All this became possible thanks to high technologies, which are actively used by advanced operators of the virtual gambling market. The tastes of users in different regions of course, differ, but there are some games that are consistently popular regardless of geography. How are things with live format on different continents? Let’s go in search of answers together.


It would seem that in one of the advanced countries, there should be no problems with live games. But this is far from true. Legislators in different states have their own opinions about gambling. Therefore, in many states, online casinos, and, accordingly, games with real croupiers are now prohibited by law. Here, users have to look for all sorts of tricks to play their favorite games under the jurisdiction of other countries. More favorable laws for gambling fans in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New Jersey. Online casinos, including live format entertainment, are available to every user here. The tastes of American users can be described as classic. The most popular live tables here are poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Also, users are not averse to playing roulette and dice.

Eastern Europe

Here, as in the United States, players predominantly have conservative tastes. American roulette and all varieties of card games top the popularity ratings of local platforms. It is worth noting that the popularity of live games in a unique TV show format is also growing here every year. Fans of games with real croupiers in Eastern Europe have appreciated this novelty in the game assortment. Most of the releases with live shows are provided to the gambling market by one of the leaders of such software – Evolution Gaming.

Western Europe

The popular format has not bypassed fans of gambling in Western Europe. Sweden holds the lead in live gaming revenue. Loyal legislation contributes to the rapid growth in the popularity of live format, and hence the income of local gambling operators. Swedish players enjoy connecting to live tables for an unparalleled gaming experience. Craps, baccarat, and roulette are among the top three live games.


In Asia, the popularity of virtual gambling has reached an all-time high. Games with real croupiers are no exception. Despite this, the laws of far from every Asian country allow you to enjoy gambling. So far, unfortunately, in most Asian countries there is a ban on gambling. But no one forbade players to seek gaming experience on foreign virtual gaming platforms. The Chinese government has decided to block access to overseas gambling sites, but Chinese players can easily circumvent the laws by using a VPN. The ranking of live games among Asian players is as follows: Sic Bo, Hi-Lo, Keno, and Wheel of Fortune.

India and Africa

In these regions, it is also not so easy with live casinos, due to the state ban on gambling. This is especially true for many African states. As for the Indian gambling entertainment market, there is a significant increase in the popularity of both the gambling industry in general and tables with real croupiers in particular. And this is just the beginning. The Indian gambling market is very attractive for investors and undoubtedly has a great future ahead of it.